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Dr. Jay Polmar is an expert in advanced techniques for self-improvement. He earned his doctorate in 1981 for his studies of self-awareness, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, stress management, Silva Mind Control, and the Law of Attraction. He achieved great wealth and prosperity early in life, and since then has devoted himself to helping others overcome hardship and achieve their dreams.

Dr. Polmar has taught his amazing techniques to over 8,000 people. Everyone ranging from young children to experienced business professionals have benefited greatly his teachings. Learning from Dr. Polmar is a life changing experience that has both brought people out of deep depression and stress and greatly improved the effectiveness of salesmen in large companies.

For those familiar with the recent movie The Secret, Dr. Polmar has been working with the actual application of the concepts underlying “the secret” for thirty years. The basic principles of The Law of Attraction seem simple, but are very hard to make work for most people trying on their own. Dr. Polmar understands how different people struggle with these concepts, and has designed The Course on Money to effectively guide anyone through achieving their full potential.

The Course on Money is a unique synthesis of Dr. Polmar's methods of motivation, time management, goal planning, self-programming, and self-hypnosis that have proven themselves wildly successful throughout his practice and live teaching. Dr. Polmar understands the human mind in a way that very few people do and has formulated The Course on Money so that it is effective for people of all thinking and learning styles.

Order The Course on Money to change your life as you listen to audio files of Dr. Polmar, read his time-tested advice, and complete worksheets that make your wishes for wealth and success a reality.




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