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The Course on Money teaches anyone how to make money, become successful, and maintain that wealth throughout the rest of their lives. Most people, no matter how much money they have, do not realize that each individual's degree of wealth and success is directly connected to how they think and act. This applies to every aspect of your life including money, love, power, popularity, and success. The Course on Money helps you shape the way you live your life so that you become rich and prosperous.

Dr. Jay Polmar created The Course on Money using his amazing success teaching the secret of self empowerment and the theory of money for over twelve years. He drew on all the success stories from live classes he taught to create a self-learning course with readings, worksheets, and audio that teaches people how to make money and become successful. No Matter what your learning style is, The Course on Money will will work for you.

The Course on Money teaches you how to make money, but it also goes much further. This is because simply learning a how to get rich? formula will not help you actually become and remain wealthy and happy for your entire life. You must learn how to utilize your own life experiences to turn yourself into a rich and successful person. Think of all the people that have lots of money (and always have) but are unhappy and disliked. They know how to make money but they do not know how to be loved and respected for their wealth. The Course on Money helps you do all those things that even many rich people cannot, all through simple steps, ready made worksheets, and audio recordings. Think of The Course on Money as a "how to be successful" program in addition to helping you make money.

Many of the concepts used in The Course on Money have recently been made popular by the movie The Secret. Formally known as the law of attraction, the key strategies of self empowerment and actualization outlined in the movie The Secret really do work. However, few people are able to apply these techniques to their own life because it requires changing the way you think. The Course on Money guides you through this change so that before you know it you are attracting money, respect, love, and power to yourself.

The Course on Money works! You are in full control of your own life and destiny. The Course on Money is available for immediate download so you can begin transforming yourself and realizing your full potential today. You have it inside you to make money and become successful, you just need to learn how to bring it out.

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